Canvas samples

This canvas samples are for those who hesitate about colors of canvas or debossing options. This sampler contains all kinds of materials and colors as well. You will also find there all colors of papers we usually use inside the folioboxes or booklets and samples of foil for hot stamping.

Sampler contains seven pieces of paper with canvas. Color of canvas always match the color of paper using together on our products. We use paper for example under the mat at our booklets or inside of the foliobox. You can find there all our canvases, which are currently offered. You can check all materials, colors, combinations of papers and canvases and foil options for hot stamping/logo debossing as well. For debossing we used brass block LAFOLIO with dimensions: 5×1 cm with different colors of foil.

  • seven pieces of paper 10×10 cm