Mat 22×30 cm (photo 15×23 cm)

Mats are great solution how to hand photographs over to your clients. Photos in slip-in mats look better and it is much easier to display or store them. Raise the value of your products by using high-quality mats. Mounting photographs is now easier thanks to slip-in mats because they have three sides sticked together which keep photo at its place. One side is open for sliding photo in.

Mat dimensions are 22×30 cm (with opening 14×22 cm) and it is made for photos 15×23 cm which fit in perfectly. Three sides are sticked together, one side is open. You can change photo in mat easily yet it needs a little practice. White color mat is made from high quality material with neutral pH and white bevel cut inside. Outside cut is vertical. Both sides – front and back – are from the same material.

  • mat dimensions: 22×30 cm
  • opening dimensions: 14×22 cm
  • ideal photo dimensions: 15×23 cm
  • thickness 3 mm
  • border with 4 cm

Personalization of this product can delay delivery time.

It is necessary to order brass block for logo debossing personalization. Click here for more info.