Ribbon guide

We created this guide to help you decide which kind of ribbon is the best. We offer two kinds of ribbons – satin and chiffon (silk-like). You can read about the best variation of canvas, papers and ribbons below.

We use satin ribbon 2,5 cm inside our folioboxes for photos (foliobox 10×15 cm and foliobow 13×18 cm) and 4 cm wide satin ribbon inside our big folioboxes for mats. You can only choose color. We tested width and materials of ribbons and this is the best way how to meet design and functionality.

On the other hand we use chiffon ribbon at our Paper sleeves for photos. We tested satin ribbons but it didn’t work well because the satin ribbon is less flexible and it was poking out. We only like usage of satin ribbon with little bow as you can see below. But we understand that this is a personal choice so you can choose from satin ribbon (2,5 cm wide), chiffon ribbon or no ribbon at all.

You can also buy ribbons separately for many reasons like decorating or packaging. We only sell ribbons by whole meters.

1 Main purpose

  • Packaging: If you need a ribbon to hold something and it is a part of package, then you will need probably satin ribbon. Chiffon ribbon is too thin to hold anything. Satin ribbon is offered in two sizes. Width 2,5 cm and 4 cm. We use 2,5 cm in smaller folioboxes for photos and wider (4 cm) inside bigger folioboxes for mats. If you would like to buy extra metres to package foliobox with ribbon we would suggest to use same dimensions because final look will be united.
  • Decorating: If you want just a design element without functionality then it is a personal choice. We would recommend chiffon ribbon for small bow and more natural and informal style. On the other hand satin ribbon is looking more elegantly and luxury.

2 Canvases and ribbons

We can recommend hundreds of combinations but it would not be clear. If you hesitate how to combine all colors of canvases, ribbons, foils and papers you can of course write us and we will help you to choose the best way. But we still have few more tips how to decide what is the best.

  1. Decide if you want the color of canvas match your brand or client’s wishes. Some would rather use color of canvas by photographer’s branding color, other will decide by clients choice. There is also another option to match color of canvas/paper with color of event – wedding, baby boy/girl etc. However this is starting to be old school, yet many people still prefer white and cream for wedding, blue for baby boy and pink for baby girl.
  2. If you have main color of product, focus on little details. You can choose color of ribbon to fit canvas or paper OR you can choose ribbon to match color of hot stamping. Both ways are great how to create harmonic look. We recommend second option. If you choose dark green canvas also choose gold foil for hot stamping and gold satin ribbon. Final look will be amazing.
  • TIP: We love black with black but make sure it will be luxurious, not sad. You can add some logo debossing with gold foil to make it more shiny.
  • TIP2: Be careful with cold and warn tones and use power of contrast. For example we wouldn’t recommend grey satin ribbon with silver canvas because its almost the same color, but ribbon has colder tone and it doesn’t fit together. We can recommend contrast color of satin ribbon like black or white.

Still not sure which combo is right for you, your brand or your clients? See our samplers and order one before final decision. We offer sampler of canvas with foil debossing, sampler of satin ribbons and sampler of papers with foil debossing.