Paper sleeve 13×18 cm

Paper sleeve is great help for photographs, gift vouchers or any other content. You can store up to 15 photographs inside which can be easily pull out by paper fold with ribbon.

Paper sleeve is ready for any 13×18 cm content and you can store up to 15 photos inside. This product consists of paper sleeve and paper fold with one-side silver rivet where ribbon can be placed. Ribbon is a part of this product and you can choose from satin or chiffon material. We recommend chiffon ribbon because they are softer work with them will be easier. You can also choose from eight different colors of paper. If you are not sure which color of paper or ribbon choose, look at this page with all materials or read this article about ribbons and papers. 

  • paper sleeve dimensions: 14×19 cm
  • ideal photo dimensions: 13×18 cm
  • capacity: 15 photos
  • ribbon: 2,5 cm (satin) or 3 cm (chiffon)

Personalization of this product can delay delivery time.

It is necessary to order brass block for logo debossing personalization. Click here for more info.